Datsun Car customisation contest.


The Datsun GObeYOU competition saw thousands of Datsun GO fans create car designs in the hope to win the votes of other car enthusiasts all around the country. Together, the winners went on an all-expenses-paid trip to Indonesia, and the overall winner was awarded their very own customised Datsun GO.

  • Released 01.06.2015
  • Category Development, UI Design
  • Client Artifact Advertising

Project Details

To enter the competition, participants had to register on the Datsun’s GObeYOU website via their Facebook or email. Three Datsun Igniters were brought on board to judge the competition -renowned graffiti artist Mars, popular entertainer DJ Guru, and racer and petrolhead Chase Audagnotti each created a theme with unique graphics relating to their field. The themes were there to guide the competition entrants, and give them ideas of how they could modify and customise their Datsun GO’s. Once entrants were happy with their design, it was displayed in an online gallery where the public voted for their favourite one.


  • The car customisation view was created using Fabric.js, a powerful Javascript HTML5 canvas library.
  • The competition required a database as well as social media integration