We are

VIGA Interactive

We approach every client with a unique focus

With their users at the core.

A thorough understanding of the user and their needs is the basis of any design decision made during a project.

It's not a matter of who has the "best ideas" or the loudest voice. It's about solution design around the users' needs.

We start with qualitative and quantitative UX research to understand the users' feelings, motivations, challenges, expectations and mental models.

We use this research to inform and validate every step of the solution design to create an experience that users will brag about.

Our Epic Team

We’ve hand-picked each team member for their passion, unique talents and experience. We have one thing in common - we're UX nerds.

Jennifer Bezuidenhout
Director & Senior UX consultant
Brendon Hull
Director & UX Lead
Louise Salemink
Senior UX Consultant
Eunice Fourie
Senior UX Consultant
Venita Burger
UX Designer
Kate Tshipelo
UX Consultant
Gabriella Richardson
UX Consultant
Ivan Bezuidenhout
Web Administrator
Judy Van Niekerk
Office Manager
Jason Nel
Tshepo Matshiana
UX Consultant
Zizipho Apleni
UX Consultant
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