Four Changes You Can Make to Improve Your App’s Customer Experience

The highly competitive world of mobile makes it necessary to create apps that are focused on the customer experience rather than just on functionality and aesthetics. It is essential to anticipate what the user wants and needs with regards to overall appearance, navigation, interaction, functionality, performance, and usability. With only a few changes, you can dramatically improve your app’s customer experience.

1. Give the sign-up screen a new look

Yes, you have invested considerably to create the right first impression, but if it is not the right one, it is time to change. A poor experience can lead to users prematurely abandoning your app, and nobody wants that! It means the customer never even gets to benefit from the functionality your app offers. Shorten the sign-up form. It may look short on a desktop or laptop, but when it comes to a small mobile phone screen, even a short form can look like an entire survey. Make it quick and easy to sign up and only ask essential questions. Also apply this philosophy to the confirmation page.

2. Move the sign-up screen

If the sign-up screen is the first screen the user sees, you can bet that they will think twice before signing up. The user wants to know what they are signing up for and if the sign-up screen is the first screen, or a very early one, they do not get an opportunity to actually experience the app. First demonstrate the value of using your app before you ask the user to commit.

3. Don’t scare the customer away with too many in-app permissions

Identity theft, malware threats, and confidentiality breaches are thoughts that go through the user’s mind when faced with invasive and irrelevant in-app permissions. Use these with caution and explain why permission is needed and how it will be used. Only ask what is necessary and when it is relevant.

4. Micro-actions are small but important for user engagement

Micro-actions are small actions required by the user. This can be changing a setting or syncing data. They are not significant enough on their own to dictate the overall experience, but important nonetheless. You want to make them personal and establish a relationship through the various micro-actions. Pay careful attention to these when designing the app.

The above aspects are but four ways to spice up your app’s user experience. Paying attention to these points will help lower your app’s abandonment rate and enhance the positive experience.

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